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Guidelines to Create a New Newcomers Activity with or without Member Fee

  1. Any member may start a new activity for the membership
  2. A new activity may be a one-time or repeating event.  The idea must be presented to the board, preferably in person but email is acceptable.  (Approval will be expedited when the idea is presented in person allowing the board to get any questions or concerns answered quickly.)  The proposal should include the following:
    1. Activity name.
    2. Activity chair (leads the activity and coordinates all messages to members).
    3. Purpose of the activity.
    4. Suggested day/date and time (should attempt to avoid conflicts with other scheduled activities).
    5. Activity location, cost (if any) to members, does the event repeat
  3. All activities must be inclusive for all members and their guests, subject to guest guidelines as outlined in the club By-Laws.  If the activity has a restriction on numbers, a waiting list should be developed.
  4. It is the responsibility of the new Activity Chair to notify the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor each month about date, time, and location for inclusion on the calendar, weekly activity notices and newsletter.
  5. The club does not provide space or cover the cost for space.  Funds must be collected from those in attendance by the activity chair.
  6. Any member may collect fees from other members to cover expenses of an event.  The price set is based on demand and the expenses to put on the event.  The activity chair collects the fees to provide the event from the members who attend.
  7. The club will not promote a business of a member or non-member at meetings, through the email list or newsletter. (Example:  An instructor could have an activity where ONLY members are invited for weekly classes and charge them $10/week using the newsletter.)  No business announcement at general meetings, through the club newsletter or the email address list is permitted.

revised June 22, 2022

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