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Guidelines for New Newcomers of Catawba Valley Activities:

  • Anyone can start a new activity by spearheading the start-up organization of that activity. Using memberlist can help to find out if there is enough interest to start a new activity.
  • All activities must have a member contact person.
  • Activity idea must be presented to the board via Activities Coordinator or in person for approval first before launching start-up. The proposal should include the purpose of the activity, a possible day/time of the month which would not interfere with any other major activity, and possible location(s) for activity to be held.
  • All activities need to be inclusive for the entire group. If the activity has a restriction on numbers, a waiting list or rotation plan should be developed.
  • It is the responsibility of the contact person to notify the Activities Coordinator each month about date, time, and location for inclusion on the calendar and the weekly activity notices.
  • Any private activities of Newcomer Members are outside these guidelines and should not be designated as a “Newcomer Activity.”

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